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Your Dream Wedding in Italy

At Cloud 9 we offer a unique service with a specialisation in creating the perfect Italian wedding, the one you always dreamed of.

Our intimate knowledge of the very best locations around the peninsula, together with our attention to detail and exceptional service, allows us to find the ideal setting for a wedding day that will unfold exactly how you desire.


Italy is a country strong on traditions and this is no exception when it comes to weddings. If you want to embrace the local culture and traditions, with our knowledge of local traditions and artisanal suppliers, we can give your special day a uniquely Italian 'feel'. 

Contemporary or Classic?

For more contemporary occasions, we offer the latest in wedding trends, from 'living bars', large-scale 'after-parties' to receptions hosted indoors. If a more classical wedding is more your style, those timeless touches that have characterised weddings for centuries never go out of date. ​


So whether elegant and classic, contemporary and hip, vineyard chic or romantic bohemian is your style, we tailor our service to you.


As for the location, we know where to find the most beautiful Italian villas, historic hotels, charming castles and breathtaking wineries. Whatever your style and whatever the season, we can help you choose the location that is the perfect match.

Full-Service Wedding

Are you dreaming of getting married in Italy? If yes, then Cloud 9's Full-Service Wedding is for you.


We start with an initial consultation to properly understand of your wedding day vision and then make it come true. Full-Service Wedding includes selection of venues, acquiring vendors (florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, catering, transportation, etc.), event design, menu planning, guest accommodation, budget forecast & assistance and everything else.


We leave no stone unturned. Whether you want to be 'hands-on' or prefer Cloud 9 taking the lead, we tailor our approach to suit you!

Symbolic Wedding

A symbolic ceremony is the promise of love between two people. It is the most intimate, simplest and flexible way to celebrate your Wedding Day.

It can be the same as civil wedding, including the exchange of vows and exchange of the rings. The only difference is that it is not legally binding. If you prefer, your guests do not need to know this is a symbolic ceremony.


Symbolic wedding can be customized to add bigger emotional value. Cloud 9 works with professional celebrants who will work with you to create a beautiful vow and ceremony format that can be tailored to your specifications.


The content and style of the blessing is limitless, and depends on the requirements and wish of the couple.


As for the location of the blessing: a symbolic blessing may be held anywhere that fits your needs – most often outdoor settings, overlooking vineyards or a lake, on the terrace of a medieval castle, on beaches, or in unconsecrated chapels at private villas and hotels.

Civil Wedding

Civil wedding ceremony in Italy Civil ceremonies in Italy are held in town halls and and occasionally at other private venues or panoramic locations. The civil ceremony, by law, must take place in a town hall or a property belonging to the town hall. In a few special cases, certain villas have been given the permission to host a civil wedding.


By law, the ceremony must include the reading of the civil wedding articles in Italian. Also two witnesses are required and most probably you also need an official interpreter. Some locations require you to sign a sworn statement a day or two prior to the wedding.

Religious Wedding

Italy is a Christian country, some 88% of the population belonging to the Roman Catholic church. By Italian law, the only church permitted to perform a legally binding Church wedding is the Catholic church.


Paperwork requirements for religious ceremonies are different depending on the religion but also the location you choose.


For Protestant and Orthodox weddings in Italy, the Church will require you to be legally married before the religious ceremony and provide the certificate.

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